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熱帶風味 Tropical Style


Baiwago Plus Cafe is a brand as fresh as sprouted young leaves. From the storefront images to the design of product package, you can find that we focus on every detail. For example, we use the monochrome tiles on the ground to shape the stylish and modern atmosphere, and make the interior brighter to create the most comfortable and relaxing spaces.The most special feature is that our design is full of "tropical style". It's different from popular styles of cafe currently, like industrial style or wooden decor
. Besides, we have selected many raw materials produced in Taiwan. In addition to coffee beans, we use Taiwanese tropical fruits in beverages with strong obsession of our country!

咖啡職人 Coffee Craftsman


The owner of Baiwago Plus Cafe was a supplier of coffee raw materials. He has more than 20 years of practical experience and excellent reputation. Baiwago Plus Cafe insists on using the materials from our own company, such as coffee beans, tea leaves, etc, and examines every product with the utmost rigor. 

Besides, all of our cafes use cane sugar from "Taiwan Sugar Corporation" instead of artificial fructose. It not only makes the flavor of beverages better, but let our customers drink healthier.

六感體驗 Six Senses of Experience

百瓦哥強調「六感」,首先,當你經過百瓦哥時,吸睛迷人的門面讓你駐足停留-「眼」;接著誘人咖啡香飄至鼻間,忍不住點了一杯咖啡-「鼻」;拿到咖啡、入口後舌尖感受到清爽香醇-「味」;悠然坐在騎樓下,聽著輕鬆愉悅的爵士樂-「耳」... 最後,來「百瓦哥咖啡」歇腳休息,手拿一杯咖啡,駐足在街邊騎樓,放空、聊天、閱讀,靜賞街景,就是百瓦哥想要帶給你的「身」與「心」的暢快!

Baiwago Plus Cafe values the "six senses experience" of customers. First of all, we hope that the attractive appearance of the store will make you stop the steps when you pass through our cafe: "EYES". Secondly, you will begin to immerse in the aroma of coffee: "NOSE". 
Thirdly, after having a cup of coffee, the tip of the tongue feels refreshing: "TASTE". Then, sitting outside the cafe and listening to the relaxing jazz music will make you enjoy your leisure time: "EARS". At last, you will finally get the happiness "PHYSICAL"and good "MOOD" from Baiwago Plus Cafe.